Pay it forward for a farmer

Use code FARMER at checkout and make any purchase to contribute. With 50% of gross profits going to Drought Angels, your support will help Australia's farming and rural communities through Drought Angels.

"Pay it forward for a Farmer" is an opportunity for You to make a real difference.

Simply use code FARMER at checkout and make any purchase to contribute to supporting Australia's farming and rural communities through Drought Angels. Your support matters; 50% of gross profits from your purchase go directly to assisting those who face adversities due to natural disasters across our vast continent. Drought Angels provides direct and timely financial assistance, essential resources, food hampers, care packs, and personalised support to primary producers impacted by drought and other natural disasters. Your contribution helps those who may not reach out for help but are battling alone, ensuring they receive the relief and support they need during challenging times.



Drought Angels, established in 2014, emerged as a response to the pressing needs of primary producers enduring prolonged drought, primarily in Queensland. Since its inception, Drought Angels has evolved to provide crucial aid to over 4,700 primary producers affected by various natural disasters, including drought, flood, fire, and plagues, spanning across more than 1,300 communities nationwide. The increasing frequency and severity of these disasters have placed many farmers at risk of losing their farms or contemplating walking away. Alarming statistics from a 2021 study reveal that one farmer completes suicide every 10 days, a staggering 59% higher than the rate among non-farmers. In light of these challenges, Farm Angels remains committed to reducing these devastating figures through personalized phone conversations and on-farm visits. By extending support tailored to the unique needs of farmers, Drought Angels not only aids in preserving Australia's regional economies and food security but also fosters the social wellbeing of rural communities.



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